Minecraft Modding Tutorials

Hello everyone, welcome to the tutorial section of our official MCMC website  Here you can find tutorials on modding Minecraft for various versions of the game, some of which will be numbered to indicate the order of which you should follow them, and others may be unnumbered for tutorials that may just require some knowledge, but can be done at any point in mod development.

The tutorials in this section will be written by various community members, however the main authors of the area are Mr. Pineapple and sometimes Squishling, and these tutorials will be split into different sections depending on the version of the game that they are for.

MC Version 1.12.2

Tutorial 1: Workspace Setup

Tutorial 2: Game Setup

Tutorial 3: mcmod.info File

Tutorial 4: Adding an Item

Tutorial 5: Adding a Block

Tutorial 6: Creative Tabs

Tutorial 7: Custom Fuels

Tutorial 8: Furnace Recipes

Tutorial 9: Custom Foods

Tutorial 10: Animated Textures

Custom Tree Generation

Install a mod

Building and Exporting