Tutorial 5: Updating the Mappings

In this tutorial we will be updating our mappings!  Let's begin!

Before we start, lets quickly explain what mappings are.  By default, all the variables, functions and class names in minecraft are encoded into names like p_234689_a.  Mappings change this, so that they are named propery, for example p_234689_a can become worldIn.  The mappings are made by the community, and there are regular updates to these.  Your current mappings are most likely outdated, so we should probably update them so that we get the best coding experience! 

We can find the latest mappings version by clicking here.  If you scroll down to the Daily Snapshots section, you should see a list of the latest versions.  The first one should be called something like mcp_snapshot-20200512-1.15.1.zip  Copy the bit after mcp_snapshot- and before .zip.  For example, I have copied 20200512-1.15.1

Now, in your mod folder, open the build.gradle file.  There, find the line: mappings channel: 'snapshot', version: '20200227-1.15.1'.  Make sure the mappings channel is snapshot and the version is the string you copied in the previous step.  Remember to save build.gradle! 

Press "Windows + R" to open the run menu, type "cmd" and press enter.  This should open a black command terminal.  Right click on any of the files in the mod folder and click on "Copy Path".  Then, in your command terminal type:  cd "<Paste File Path Here>".  Next, type in gradlew genEclipseRuns.  This will take a few minutes to do, but when it is done, it should say BUILD SUCCESSFUL. Finally, run gradlew eclipse to prepare eclipse for the new mappings.

That's it for the mappings!  Creative Tabs in the next tutorial!