Tutorial 1: Workspace Setup

Although Minecraft modding can be a wonderful and fun task, it is highly recommended to have a basic/intermediate understanding of Java and programming languages in general before you proceed in your modding journey.  I recommend you find an online Java course and learn that, because otherwise you could leave yourself very confused.

So you want to start modding Minecraft?  Awesome, you've come to the right place!  The first thing you will need to do to mod Minecraft is download Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and Java JDK (Java Development Kit).  This will allow Java to run on your computer!  Let's start!

Go to the JDK download page and download the JDK version for your system.  It will probably ask you to login to Oracle.com. 

Username: [email protected]

Password: GottaGetThoseJDKs00

If this doesn't work, go onto bugmenot.com and look at the first login on the page.  Next, go to the JRE download page and download the JRE version for your system.  Run both installer files and follow the installation process to install Java.

Next, you want to create your java system path variables.  To do this, open the start menu, and search for "This PC".  Right click on the first result and click on "properties". 

Properties Button

After this, click on "Advanced System Settings" on the left.  This should open a new window.  Navigate to the "Advanced" tab and click on "Environment Variables".  You will see 2 buttons labelled "New".  Click on the top button.  For the variable name, type "JAVA_HOME", then click on "Browse Directory", and go to C://ProgramFiles/Java, click on the JDK folder, and then press "OK" twice.  Afterwards, in the second box, click on "Path" and press "Edit".  This should bring up a new window.  Press "New" and then press "Browse".  Go to C://ProgramFiles/Java, open the JDK folder, click on "Bin" and press "Ok". Confirm all your changes and close all the menus.
Go to the Minecraft Forge files and download the recommended MDK for Minecraft version 1.15.2.

Forge Recommended

Place the zip folder in a place you are comfortable with, on the C drive.
Now, we need to install eclipse.  Head on over to the Eclipse download page and download the installer.  The version of Eclipse you'll want to install in Eclipse is the one for Java developers, as seen below:

Forge Recommended
Eclipse is an IDE IDE stands for Integrated Development Envrironment, which is just a fancy way of saying a text editor that tells you when you've done something wrong.  It is the environment in which we will be developing our mod!
Next, we need to run some commands. Extract the Zip folder into a new folder and rename it with the name of your mod.  Then, press "Windows + R" to open the run menu, type "cmd" and press enter. This should open a black command terminal.  Right click on any of the files in the zip you just extracted and click on "Copy Path".  Then, in your command terminal type:
cd "<Paste File Path Here>"

Next, type in gradlew genEclipseRuns  This will take a few minutes to do, but when it is done, it should say BUILD SUCCESSFUL. Finally, run gradlew eclipse to prepare eclipse for minecraft modding.
After you have gone through the installer, and got that all set up, you'll be wanting to actually open our mod in your brand new sparkling clean IDE.  If you right click on the package explorer on the left of your screen, you should see an import button.  Select General>ExistingProjectIntoWorkspace, click on browse, and navigate to the folder where your mod is and click ok
Finally, to make the project look nicer, click on the small arrow at the top of the file explorer and change the package presentation to hierarchical