Tutorial 6: Creative Tabs

In this tutorial I will be showing you how Creative Tabs work.  Let's begin!

Adding items to an existing tab

Go into the ItemBase / BlockBase and add CreativeTabs, to the parameters in the constructor, then set it:
public ItemBase(String name, CreativeTabs tab)

Now go into your ItemBase and add the Creative Tab to your Item/Block:
public static final Item TUTORIAL_ITEM = new ItemBase("tutorial_item", CreativeTabs.MISC);

Now our Item is in the Miscellaneous Creative Tab!

Creating a new Creative Tab

Create a new Class and give it a name like TutorialTab. This Class will extend off of CreativeTabs and it will have these methods:
public TutorialTab(String label)

public ItemStack getTabIconItem()
	//This will return the Item/Block that you want to be displayed
	return new ItemStack(BlockInit.TUTORIAL_BLOCK);
Now go into Main and add the following line of code:
public static final CreativeTabs tutorialtab = new TutorialTab("Tutorial Tab");
You Now have your own Creative Tab!
Now go into the en_us.lang file and add this line:
itemGroup.tutorialtab=Tutorial Tab
Remember to change tutorialtab to whatever you set as the label in the CreativeTab Class

Finally we're finished!  Thank you for following this tutorial, and remember to look out for the next one!
- Mr. Pineapple