Tutorial 3: mcmod.info File

In this tutorial we will be setting up our mcmod.info file.  This will tell the game info about our mod similar to those in Reference

If there isn't already one there, in src/main/resources create an empty file, and rename it to mcmod.info.  Then open it and edit it.
Copy this reference mcmod.info file here, and change all of the values to match your Reference file. 
  "modid": "tutorial_mod",
  "name": "Tutorial Mod",
  "description": "This is an example mod for a tutorial.",
  "version": "Alpha 1.0",
  "mcversion": "[1.12.2]",
  "url": "",
  "updateUrl": "",
  "authorList": ["MrPineapple"],
  "credits": "The Minecraft Modding Discord community ( https://discord.gg/KgxDErM ).",
  "logoFile": "",
  "screenshots": [],
  "dependencies": []
You can fill in "logoFile" with a path to your logo, "url" with a website for your mod, and others if you wish.
For some values, such as name, ID, and version, if they are not exactly the same as they are in code, it can cause issues when we compile our mod to release it, so make sure they're the same.

That's it!  I thought we'd go for a much easier one after the previous tutorial.  Now we can start our game, and see the name of our mod.