Animated Textures

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create an animated texture for your mod.  Let's begin!

We will have to create multipe texture files, at this point it might be easier to draw them all in one file then copy them into their own files and save them.
Just remember each of the texture files needs to be to a power of 16 in pixels (i.e 16x16, 32x32, 64x64).
Now click this link and download the free program, this will do all the harder work for us, allowing us to just change certain things instead of working out the timings ourselves!
When it has downloaded open up the application. You will now need to import all of your textures. Like I have done below:
Now from this screen you can see that you can change the framerate easily.
Now once you are happy, click export and save the files in the correct package. This will generate a single texture file and an .mcmeta file (which tells the game that the texutre is animated and it can cycle through the images).

Now you have saved that in the textures area of your project you can run the game to see the outcome!  Thank you for following this tutorial, and remember to look out for the next one!
- Mr. Pineapple