How to Install Mods

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to install a Forge Mod for Minecraft  Let's begin!

Go into the Minecraft Launcher and run the game on the same version as the mod is able to run on.
Once the game has loaded we know we have an installation of that version, this is required to download Forge.
Go to the Forge Downloads Page and choose the Installer for the Recommended Version.
Once you have downloaded it open the installer and a window like this should appear, with Install Client highlighted:
The version number may be different as Forge may have changed their recommended version and it may even be a different Version of Minecraft.
If you click OK Forge should start to install to your Minecraft's directory.
Now we need to add our mod to the game. Locate your Minecraft directory, this is where your game is installed (The place that Forge was installed to).
If you don't already have one create a mods folder in the .minecraft folder. This is where we will be placing our mods.
Drag and drop your mod in the mods folder we just found or created. Now if we run the game our mod should be there:

Finally we're finished!  Thank you for following this tutorial, and remember to look out for the next one!
- Mr. Pineapple