How to Export Mods

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to export your mod so you can let other people play it.  Let's begin!

Make sure you have no errors in your workspace.
The best way to check for this is you run the game from your IDE and look for errors in the game
Now we know for sure that your mod is safe to export we need to close the game and go into your system's file explorer and locate your mod's folder.
Now once you are in the main directory we need to create a new .bat file and call it build.bat
In this file we will be putting a simple little command that will run everytime we open the file.
Open the file in a text editor and paste the following command into it:
gradlew build
Now run this file and it should bring it up in command prompt.
Once the build is complete then you have your mod ready to distribute!
To find your .jar file go in your mods folder and in the build/libs folder. We want to use the one that is not the sources!
I recommend you test your mod in your own game before you distribute it, this helps us know if it does work 100%.
If you don't know how to get your mod in your normal game launcher then follow this link and follow the steps.

Finally we're finished!  Thank you for following this tutorial, and remember to look out for the next one!
- Mr. Pineapple